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The Art of Persistence

I want to spend my blog talking about writing in all its forms, but the first topic I wanted to mention briefly would be the art of being persistent. Writers are some of the most driven people in the world because they have to be. Focusing on finishing your collection of poems or your next thriller novel is a huge undertaking and requires consistency and focus. Without ongoing care, your characters will not develop, your plot will not make sense, and your story will die.

We are all different people, and we all write differently. I, myself, require routine where I set aside a certain amount of time every day to write my books. That doesn’t mean I never go over that amount of time, but I give myself minimums to achieve maximum results. I also write in one solid block of time first thing and spend the rest of my day thinking about what I will write the following morning. Other writers will write in sprints of fifteen minutes several times a day. Still, others will do different components different days for a set amount of time, such as storyboarding, then writing, then editing and repeat.

Writing takes creativity and imagination, but it also takes persistence in getting your story told. Never give up on your writing, and it will reward you one hundredfold. I just wanted to share one of the most crucial pieces of the craft in my humble experience. Thank you for your time!

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