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The Final Countdown

Well, my friends, we are getting close to the release of Ashes of the Living! In just three weeks, the book will be released on Kindle and paperback. I am working with a fantastic narrator named Gary Beytin for the audiobook, as well as more surprises.

I wanted to say thank you to each person who has visited the website, reached out to me on Twitter (JohnCoxBooks), sent me emails, or commented/liked anything tied to Ashes of the Living. The buildup for the book has been incredible, and I could not be more grateful for all the support.

When I am reading these excellent reviews, I am humbled not only by the great feedback but also everyone who has taken the time to promote the success of the launch. The book's success is because of your support, and please know that I appreciate it every day. You truly have made this writer’s dream come true.

We begin the countdown…

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